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Our Christmas Function will be held on the evening of Saturday 9th December. Our social committee will reveal all soon. Watch this space!
Also please save the date for Lolly Packing for Santa Afloat on the afternoon of Sunday 17th December; a fun couple of hours in the afternoon followed by a BBQ.
And don't forget Santa Afloat itself on Christmas Eve when Santa and his elves will be distributing treats for children of all ages in Port Mandurah.
Please let us know if you’d like to help on any of these dates. Also see A Call to Arms below about how to get involved.

Proposed Draft - Canal Waterways Structures

The City of Mandurah is currently advertising local Planning Policy No 4 – Canal Waterway Structures which seeks to replace the existing Local Planning Policy No 11. This draft policy seeks to update current policy and reduce the need for development approval where boat lifting structures meet the minimum requirements as outlined in the policy.
To find out why the changes have been proposed and how to comment please click here.

Sutton Farm - Final Approval

On 12th September Council unanimously adopted the Sutton Farm Local Development Plan subject to certain modifications. Please click here to see what was agreed.

Please support our sponsors

Crabbing Ban

The Peel Inlet (including the channel entrance), Harvey Estuary, Dawesville Cut and all man-made waterways are closed to all crab fishing until 31st October. The closures protects crab breeding stocks, allowing females to spawn before the fishery reopens.

Mandurah’s Artificial Reef

RecFishWest’s world-first marine citizen science program ‘Reef Vision’ is set to launch in the Peel Region this month.
Read the Mandurah Mail article and check out the cool video.

For the Mandurah Reef coordinates and other information please visit the RecFishWest website.
Are you concerned about flooding?
There’s a lot of talk nowadays about global warming and rising water levels.
I’ve overheard many conversations where Port Mandurah gets thrown into discussions on this topic. I’m never concerned about this because our houses are actually higher than downtown Mandurah and I’m sure the authorities would deal with the issue long before they let the business centre flood.
What is of more concern is the flooding of undercrofts in Port Mandurah.

When conditions are right with high tides, heavy rain and storm surges, the water gets very close to some undercroft doorways. This doesn’t occur very often but if sea levels rise it could become an issue.
Did you know that instant sandbags are available? These sandbags can be stored, take up very little space and can be used in an emergency to keep water from entering your undercroft.
There are several brands on the market and we don’t wish to promote any particular product, but research shows that FloodSak, Absorbeez, Quick Dam and Aqua-Sac are some of the products available in Australian hardware stores and on line.
I have a pack of 5 in my undercroft and thankfully have never had to use them but am reassured that if an event did occur, I won’t be cleaning up a muddy mess!

A Call to Arms!

Our current PMRA committee is very small and needs help. It is imperative that PMRA continues to function to enable input from home owners into the management of our precinct and also to distribute relevant information to residents.
We are looking for people who are active community members that would like to help with social activities or communicate with sponsors or be involved in attending PMCWAG meetings 4 times a year (i.e. Port Mandurah Canals Waterways Advisory Group).
We also need help to deliver newsletters in early November.
Port Mandurah Residents Association was formed in 1994 to enable Port Mandurah property owners to have a say in matters pertaining to the management of our canals and expenditure of the Specified Area Rate (SAR) we pay as part of our rates. The main reason for our existence as an organisation is to have representation at the quarterly meetings with elected councillors and managers from the City of Mandurah to address issues regarding the canals and our properties.

Over the years the committee has voluntarily taken on other activities such as:
* Submitting ideas for the City’s budget expenditure annually *
* Making submissions to the City regarding holiday rentals *
* Petitioning for jetty licensing to be modified *
* Boat surveys in Port Mandurah canals *
* Cormorant control submissions *
* Input into bridge replacement seminars *
* Traffic management submissions *
* Printing and distributing newsletters *
* Developing a website and a social media page *
* Organising guest speakers regarding issues pertinent to Port Mandurah *
* Social activities *
* Santa Afloat every Christmas Eve *
* Supporting Christmas Light competitions *
* Australia Day clean up and ongoing litter collection *

Involvement in the PMRA committee helps individuals understand how things function in Mandurah, how the City uses our Specified Area Rate, the limitations on what we can achieve, the reasons behind decisions made, and gaining information on activities in our city long before the general public.
Please send your expression of interest / questions / offers of help
to info@portmandurah.com.au

Thursday 12th October Kaya Party in the Square 6.30pm Mandjar Square
Friday 13th October Primal Connection Exhibition Launch 6.00pm CASM
Saturday 14th October PeelConnect Quiz Night 7.00pm Hyundai Stadium
Wed 18th October Smart Street Precinct Info Session 6.30pm Tuckey Room
Thurs 19th October Solar Battery Storage Workshop 5.45pm Falcon Library
Sunday 29th October Mandurah Children’s Festival 10.00am Eastern Foreshore
Sunday 29th October Soroptimist High Tea 1.30pm Peel Manor House
Tuesday 31st October Food Truck Festival 5.00pm Barracks Square
Throughout October Peel Region Outdoors October Various dates/venues
For more events please visit Everything Mandurah

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